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Moving Right Along

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Hey folks,

Things are moving right along here at Garinger. On Friday we made a big push, and with some extra hands pitching in we got the system up and running! We’re in the final stages of the project now. I was down there today and all four tanks are full, though we still only have Tilapia in the far left. So that’ll be something to take care of soon. We’re also going to have to get some plants started in the rafts, which are now at full volume, each hole drilled in the polystyrene floats. A few other things will need to be resolved, but for the most part we’re pumping.

I could always tell you what we did, and every little detail, but I think that it would be easier to show you pictures. If you’d like to visit us, send an email to (I check every once and a while).

The hydroponic rafts with our vegetable trays in them!

Sometimes you just have to climb in – the plug on the water pump couldn’t be reached otherwise, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to a little bit.

Connecting students to the work going on at the farm is one of our biggest objectives. Our Garden Coordinator Bobbie Mabe does a great job with this – I saw her today teaching an American History class.
Sam explaining to me the intricacies of our air pump.

The aeration system up and running!

And the water pumping through the tanks!

It’s a great thing to hear your first Aquaponics system turn on for the first time.

Talk soon,


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