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Gone Fishin’

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Hey folks,


Just a quick update, we worked a lot on the setup for the Spring Show today ( Tilapia have now been added to the system, and they’re already a feisty bunch so I think they’re going to do well. But then again, I’m new at this, so maybe that doesn’t mean anything. Sam tells me they’re just pretty aggressive in general.


In the background is the grow tower, one of the hydroponic installations that is part of the demonstration system. Out of the frame is a hydroponic raft about 2′ x 8′, but I could be wrong on that one again… Sam built it, I just tinker with it.
So there’s the whole setup. We’ve got a lot of plumbing to do on the big system (which is behind me from where I took that picture, see in posts below). I’ll be sure to update you guys on that next time around, I believe next Wednesday we’ll be working at it again. Monty did some work on the plumbing, digging a trench for the pipes that will connect our two main rafts. We’ve also got the trim strips for the tops of the hydroponic rafts painted a nice gloss black, and will be getting those down and cutting off the excess plastic in due course.

We harvested a big bag of Red Lettuce and Mustard Greens from the hydroponic raft for the demonstration setup today. There’s a bit of an Aphid infestation going on right now, so we’ve been trying to curtail that. Most of the mustard greens were either too overgrown or overrun for us to save them, so Sam took some to the roommates, and the Vermicompost bin got the rest. The funny thing about a greenhouse is that it’s the perfect habitat for plants in the summer, but it’s also the perfect place for bugs that eat plants. The Red Lettuce was mostly untouched. I dunno if that’s a dietary preference that Aphids have. I’d like to start doing some companion planting if the infestation gets worse. Marigolds evidently do the trick, so that’s one option.

Point is, the first of the Tilapia have arrived, and we’ve gone fishin’.


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